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¡eZ Publish Platform ofrece soluciones en Gestión de Contenidos (CMS) y Gestión de la Experiencia (CXM) que te permiten crear experiencias digitales inmejorables!
Publicación en el Web, entrega de contenido en móviles y multicanal, marketing digital, comercio electrónico, workflows. La plataforma ofrece innumerables herramientas que te ayudarán a construir soluciones de éxito. Ponte en contacto con nosotros para descubrirlas!

Corporate Blog

Embracing the Evolution of Multi-channel B2B Publishing

Traditional publishers are being challenged with how to monetize and fully benefit in this digital age. We look at why and highlight one publisher who has made the transition and is taking advantage of an omni-channel publishing strategy.

The Nine Trends Driving B2B E-commerce in 2020

What are the most significant trends in e-commerce today? B2B business that want to stay relevant have to go digital and that means they need to capitalize on the latest trends and innovations.  

Improve user experience by indexing external data to the eZ Platform search engine

Search is a key part of a good user experience, but with complex systems it can become hard to provide relevant results. Learn how you can use the extensibility of the eZ Platform Search Engine to overcome this issue.

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