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The open source eZ Publish Community is comprised of over 75% of professionals in the fields of web development, design and digital content, sharing their expertise.

Community is the Engine of our Platform Innovation

The eZ Community is open to professionals, hobbyists and anyone with a passion for innovative Web platforms. Our community portal is a hub for ideas, code, contacts and peer-to-peer information exchange. The open source eZ Publish Community is comprised of over 75% of professionals in the fields of Web development, design and digital content, sharing their expertise.

Open Innovation

The heart of our web content management platform is driven by developers of the eZ Publish Community who work openly and transparently use cutting-edge source code distribution platforms designed for global collaboration.

They are the craftsmen behind eZ Publish Community Project, innovative, creative, cutting-edge and constantly evolving content management platform.

The eZ Publish Community project serves as the foundation for eZ Publish Enterprise Edition, which is built for business-critical digital applications that need to be extensively quality-assured, stable and fully-featured with additional value-added functionalities, support and maintenance services.

Community members and partners have direct influence on the roadmap, ensuring rapid response to market trends.

With over 44,000 registered members representing a wide range of vertical markets, the eZ Publish kernel and extensions demonstrate agility and flexibility to meet the most demanding content management contexts.

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Last forum activity

Quote from // Heath :Hello wai,I think eZ Publish user role permissions can provide for the features you need. You should not need any plugin or extension to provide for the...
22/08/2014 14:00
Thanks all those who have worked in the CPB, I appreciate your efforts and you have made a positive difference, especially in getting eZ community releases back on track earlier...
22/08/2014 05:10
Hello Guys,A couple of thoughts.First Heath is showing you how to hack the ezoe extension directly which is not good.He should have shown you how to create template overrides an...
21/08/2014 20:59
Hello Juan,I did a bit of research to see what it would take to disable the features you describe.Results To hide the Caption field: edit your content.ini file, this is often...
21/08/2014 19:04
Hello Juan,These features are built-in to eZ OE by default.You would need to hack (a lot) of eZ OE files to do what you want.Sadly there is also no documentation for what you wo...
21/08/2014 18:05

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