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eZ International Days in Oslo

(BLOG POST)eZ International Days - June 3rd 2014 in Oslo

eZ Systems is organizing the eZ International Days on June 3rd  2014. It's more than simply a gathering of the full eZ ecosystem, it is a real chance to learn and improve your digital projects with eZ....

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New eZ MA UI

(BLOG POST)New User Interface for eZ Marketing Automation

Two weeks back, our friends at Net Results deployed a brand new User Interface for their tool, and you get 100% of it within eZ Marketing Automation. It is now easier and faster than ever to put your content on the fast lane and do awesome digital marketing based on eZ Publish Platform: lead generation, email marketing, content and inbound marketing. Read on!

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Improve Your Marketing Content and Have Real-time Insights and Analytics with eZ LiveViewer

(BLOG POST)Improve your Marketing Content and Have Real-time Insights with eZ LiveViewer

Creating content is something our customers do on a daily basis. However, they often do not have the time or the tools needed to monitor the success and efficiency of their content once it has been published. Since your content means business, here is a solution. Read on.

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(BLOG POST)Introducing eZ Platform And Its New Development Cycle

As you may have gathered, we've been doing quite a lot of internal work at eZ over the last year. Aleksander came back as CEO and we have been rethinking and strengthening  eZ’s Organisation and Product Strategy (which is where most of my involvement came in), and also how we articulate our business model on top of an open-source project.

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(ARTICLE)eZ Systems is expanding with a new office in Poland

eZ Systems is planning to expand its products and services and we are therefore seeking to expand our engineering team. As the natural next step in reaching our strategic objectives, we have decided to open a new European branch of our company. Our choice was the city of Katowice in Poland. 

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(BLOG POST)Pioneering the Commercial Open-source Business Model

eZ has, from its inception 14 years ago, been a commercial open-source company. We founded eZ on the belief that the open-source model is superior in innovation, development speed and distribution. Whilst also being a commercial company from day one, we needed a business model that could generate revenue.

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(BLOG POST)eZ’s Marketing Predictions for 2014 (Part 2/2)

As promised in our previous blog post on eZ Marketing Predictions for 2014, we have some more to say about what we think 2014 will look like. Read on.

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