eZ Systems was founded in 1999 with one idea: people who work together and share experiences and ideas can accomplish great things. We believe that content drives successful businesses, and we make it easy for enterprises to unlock the value of their content and build engaging digital experiences. Our software adapts to your business needs and allows you to create content once and publish it everywhere, from websites and mobile apps to online shops and the Internet of Things. 

Thousands of organizations worldwide choose eZ for content management, digital marketing and e-commerce. Fueled by over 15 years of organic growth as an open source provider, eZ's ecosystem contains 45,000+ users, 80+ business partners and 500+ enterprise customers. An international company, eZ has more than 90 employees across eight offices in North America, Europe and Asia.

eZ Management Team

Aleksander Farstad, CEO and Co-Founder, eZ Systems

Aleksander Farstad

Co-Founder and CEO

Aleksander started eZ in 1999 with his brother Bård. Under Aleksander’s leadership, eZ established its commercial open source business model and grew its global ecosystem, with more than 5 million downloads of eZ Publish to date. Aleksander took a five-year hiatus from eZ in 2008, and after rejoining the company as CEO, he grew the business's subscription revenue by 60% while improving cost efficiency by 45%, and led the launch of eZ’s new content management platform, eZ Enterprise. 

Aleksander is currently on the board of several organizations including Assetto Capital and Protectoria. He is the former Chairman of Algalif, a company that built and runs an algae farm in Iceland. Prior to founding eZ, Aleksander was a derivatives trader in fixed income and equities. Aleksander holds a Masters of Science in Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics with a post-master’s program in Mathematical Finance and Economics. He spends his free time off-piste skiing, free diving, hiking and coaching his son’s soccer team.

Bard Farstad, Co-Founder and Head of Product Innovation, eZ Systems

Bård Farstad 

Co-Founder and Chief of Strategy

Bård started eZ in 1999 with his brother Aleksander, and led product development and engineering during the company’s first ten years in the Web Content Management market. Bård designed eZ’s content repository, the core of the company’s technology, and he also established eZ’s fast-growing business in North America. Today, Bård collaborates with eZ’s largest clients to understand their business needs and identify opportunities for digital success using eZ’s content management platform, eZ Enterprise.

Bård is currently on the board of several organizations including FriFlyt AS, a Norwegian publisher of outdoor sports magazines. He holds degrees in electronics and software engineering from University College of Southeast Norway. He spends his free time with his wife and two daughters and has a passion for restoring classic Italian cars.

Roland Benedetti, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, eZ Systems

Roland Benedetti

Chief Product and Marketing Officer

Eivind Hesjadalen

Chief Financial Officer

Andre Romcke, VP Engineering, eZ Systems

André Rømcke

VP Engineering

Bertrand Maugin, VP Europe, eZ Systems

Bertrand Maugain

VP Europe

Axinja Zeugner, VP Human Resources, eZ Systems

Axinja Zeugner

VP Human Resources

Lars Eirik Rønning

VP Technical Services

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eZ employees are passionate about discovering new ways to make content management simple. We hire tech-savvy, driven people who are excited about improving user experiences. 

eZ Systems Group

In 2011, eZ extended the eZ brand and the eZ Systems company into the eZ Systems Group. The eZ Systems Group was created in order to develop new, innovative solutions that can be combined with eZ software to maximize its effectiveness, and can also serve as stand-alone services. Yoochoose, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider of content personalization and recommendation technology, is the first company to become part of the eZ Systems Group.