eZ Personalization is a cloud service that helps merchants drive e-commerce sales and gives publishers the tools to increase content consumption. Used by over a thousand organizations worldwide, eZ Personalization helps you engage your customers, understand their buying behavior or content usage and increase conversions.

Your users are busy, they have control over the buying process and they demand a relevant user experience. eZ Personalization turns each site visit into a tailored and targeted moment as products or content are recommended in real time according to the user's preferences and on-site behavior. Give your users a personalized customer experience—no matter your industry, they are expecting it!

Web Personalization for Merchants

  • Understand your customers' buying behavior
  • Recommend relevant products and generate upsells
  • Deliver targeted promotions and special offers
  • Send shopping cart reminders that bring buyers back
  • Grow customer loyalty and build relationships

Web Personalization for Publishers

  • Understand your users' content preferences
  • Recommend relevant content and drive consumption
  • Fuel usage of free content and convert users to paid
  • Deliver promotions and special offers for paid content
  • Generate further demand for print

Did You Know?

Approximately 50 percent of all purchasing decisions can be predicted in advance with recommendation technology.

Relevance is Key

Deliver your users the right products and content with our three-tier approach to personalization.


Personalized Recommendations

Discover, build and maintain customer relationships by providing each visitor a personal digital experience, customized with relevant product or content suggestions.

Targeted Notifications

Drive revenue and increase conversion rates with relevant emails for promotions, shopping cart reminders, and product or content recommendations.

Personalized Search

Provide tailored, ranked and categorized search results with eZ Personalization’s search engine, equipped with auto-complete and multilingual search


Optimize Your Recommendation Engine

eZ Personalization provides real-time analytics on the metrics that matter. Track key actions including purchases, product or content page views, clicks and sales. From A/B testing to multi-level filters, you have the ability to evaluate nearly every scenario to increase conversion rates and generate more revenue.

Actionable analytics


Do You Use Magento?

eZ Personalization is available on the Magento Connect Marketplace from YOOCHOOSE, a member of the eZ Systems Group.

Magento Connect

Choosing eZ Means

  • Adding revenue by up to 30% on average
  • Increasing conversions by up to 25% on average
  • Bigger shopping carts
  • Performance monitoring
  • Dedicated daily support
  • Free trials
  • No set-up fees
  • No minimum contracts
  • Low maintenance
  • Federal Data Protection Act Compliance (Germany)

Our e-Commerce Partners

We work closely with leading e-commerce platform providers to build better and more profitable shops for merchants. eZ Personalization is compatible with several e-commerce platforms including:


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