Written by Bård Farstad, Co-founder and Chairman of Product Innovation Board at eZ Systems

Agencies today are bombarded with clients asking them to create fancy mobile web applications.

Clients are typically hellbent on creating a slick and modern user interface that is responsive and provides value to their users. And most agencies are great at delivering on this goal.

However, there is usually something missing: content.

AngularJS and App Building

An app can mean many different things today. To be specific, what I am referring to are the following:

  • iOS apps
  • Android apps
  • Dedicated HTML5 web apps

Native mobile platform apps are popular, and I do see a trend where more and more of these apps are being built as a skeleton, with the actual app being built in HTML5.

Today, many great frameworks exists for building HTML5 apps, and one that immediately springs to mind is AngularJS.

AngularJS is an extremely popular Javascript framework that is maintained by Google. It is developer friendly and simplifies the process of building dynamic web applications. Web apps, like those built with AngularJS, can either be embedded in a native app for your favorite device or used as a standalone application.

A framework, according to DocForge, “is a set of source code or libraries which provide functionality common to a whole class of applications,” however, it typically doesn’t focus on back-end storage.

And frameworks definitely don’t focus on editorially-managed content, which can quickly become an issue. Building an easy-to-use editorial interface to support content creation and workflows that are required in your app would just be too much work.

Creating content management functionality from scratch for an app can be a huge task. To do so, you must take into account issues like:

  • Creating a flexible content model
  • Developing an editorial interface to manage rich content
  • Caching layers
  • Permission management
  • and much, much, more...

Plugging Your Apps with RESTful Content

At eZ, we see an increased interest from agencies looking for a solid channel-neutral content management system that can power their apps. In today’s fast-paced technological environment, the time to market and cost of developing the type of back-end infrastructure we have already built is way too cumbersome for many agencies. Not to mention the editorial interface, which is often going to be presented to users that are expected to create and manage specific content for the app.

 A screenshot of the eZ Platform editorial UI 

Connecting remotely to a content repository is what developers want.

Developers are looking for a REST interface that connects via standard web protocols and easily integrates with a native app or rich web app. RESTful web services, according to TechTarget’s SearchSOA, are easier to scale, require less bandwidth and have a much smaller learning curve than the more heavyweight SOAP approach.

This is at the core of what our product delivers. A lightweight RESTful web service that enables you to power your applications with a vast array of channel-neutral content.

When looking to create your next app, make sure that you take the storage and management of content into account, as this is often very much underestimated.

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