eZ Platform, the core of eZ Enterprise, is the leading PHP CMS based on the Symfony full-stack framework. Open source and enterprise grade, eZ Platform provides your developers with unmatched flexibility to build, extend and scale websites, apps and other digital products.

Create once, publish everywhere

The drive for audience engagement begins with your content. But it's not just about the quality of your content, it's also where you publish it. Much more than a simple website builder, eZ Platform lets you deliver content across channels—from desktops, tablets and phones to Smart TVs, digital kiosks and print media.

Multi-channel, Multi-device

Editorial productivity

Setting the standard for editorial productivity

At the heart of eZ Platform is our focus on user-centered design. We've entirely rewritten the UI so editors and marketers can create content faster and easier than ever before. 

Multilingual and multisite

Do you have multiple sites in different languages? Serve them all from a single repository, and share and reuse your content in a unified way. eZ Platform is designed for consolidating a large number of web properties, in as many languages as you want.

Multisite and Multilingual Content Management
Web Developer

Top-notch developer experience

Get your hands on our lean, modern architecture so you can customize, extend and scale your sites and apps with ease. A clear separation between application layers makes learning, using and maintaining the platform easier.

Want to dig deeper? Discover our technology stack.

The premier CMS based on the Symfony full-stack framework

Take advantage of the leading PHP framework and develop in a very similar way to pure Symfony, with components such as Twig, the PHP template engine, and Composer, the library for deployment and version dependency. When using Symfony in its complete form, the integration of components from the Symfony ecosystem—more than 2,500 to date—is a breeze

Symfony Framework and PHP Framework
Content Repository

Next generation content repository

Any content strategist will tell you, if you’re looking to deliver a good user experience, you need to start with the right information architecture. eZ Platform gives you unequaled flexibility to create your own custom content model and a full REST API so you can integrate, query and update content seamlessly.

The API and SDK you need. Heck yes!

Distribute your content to any app or site, in any language—from Angular to Ruby—and easily integrate content from other applications with our fully featured APIs. 

API and SPK codes in screen

Laptop screen

Open source and open minded

With over 45,000 registered members worldwide, the eZ Community brings together professionals and hobbyists in the fields of web development, design and digital content. Join the Community today and contribute to innovative projects where your voice is heard. Come on, fork it! 


Trust us, your editors and marketers want more control over their content. Available with eZ Enterprise, eZ Studio provides a powerful set of tools on top of all that eZ Platform has to offer. Easily create content and manage landing pages with in-page editing, flexible workflows and automated content scheduling.

Marketer sitting on desk working on eZ Studio