Written by Bertrand Maugain, VP Sales Nordics, eZ Systems

Making Waves is a consultancy with more than 300 skilled and enthusiastic professionals in the fields of strategy, design, technology and communication. We create solutions based on a solid strategic foundation, service-design, user-centered development and holistic communication. Our goal is to design, develop and maintain digital services that engage people, strengthen brands and create value. Our clients are both in the public and private sector, as well as NGOs.  

What will you talk about?

Together with Monica Bjørneseth from Orkla, we will talk about running effective multisite frameworks on eZ Publish.  Orkla is a leading supplier of branded consumer goods and concept solutions to the grocery and out-of-home sectors in the Nordic and Baltic regions. The Orkla group is made up of about 100 companies located all over the world. Their organizational structure is complex and editors often change jobs within the organization, moving between companies and brands or products.

The essence is sharing how they have created a multisite and governance framework where Orkla can ensure their future growth in digital presence. This is essential to them. Their goal was to establish and maintain a common high quality platform, in which new sites can be launched continuously.   

Could you mention a few take-aways?

If time allows we will show a cool extension that we built especially for Orkla. It’s an inline editor based on the style of Barley to ease the publishing process. We want potential big customers to recognize the flexibility of the platform. We have based our framework on ez flow and common content types which allow us to launch new sites quicky. Each site reuse components that handle common functionality but it still allows for unique visual presentations.

Why did MakingWaves decide to be a sponsor at this event?

It is natural for us. We have a very strong team that has built solutions on eZ Publish for a long time. Many of our consultants hold the open source background dear. We are passionate about the product, and it is a very good fit for many of our clients. Our main office is also in Oslo, so it’s really cool to be present. 

What do you personally hope to achieve through the event?

For me personally this is my first time! Many of my colleagues have been present before and know what’s what. I am curious of all the speakers. My background is not very technical, so I am more interested in the business cases and user centric approach to the web. I hope to meet some old friends, gain some new connections and just take it all in. I am pretty excited. 

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