eZ Enterprise delivers editors and marketers a rich set of tools called eZ Studio, on top of all that eZ Platform has to offer. From intuitive in-page editing to landing page management, eZ Studio puts you in control of your content and reduces the burden on IT. Like eZ Platform, eZ Studio is extensible so your developers can add tools to accelerate every stage in the content lifecycle. 

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Navigate your site with ease

Optimizing your content is seamless with eZ Studio. With our in-page editing features, simply browse your site, click edit and make improvements. Work faster and complete tasks in fewer steps. 

Build dynamic landing pages

eZ Studio helps you create conversion-ready landing pages in minutes. Simply drag and drop elements onto the page—headers, banners, image galleries, content lists, quotes, tags and more. No HTML experience required. Trust us, you'll love having control and your IT team will thank you. 

Build dynamic landing pages

Customize your workflow

eZ puts content creators in the driver’s seat. Choose who you would like to review or approve your story, and let the collaboration begin.

Schedule content on landing pages

Automate the flow of content on your landing pages and keep your site up-to-date at all times—even when your editors are enjoying the weekend. Manage your content hours, days and even weeks ahead, and preview your pages at any point in time.

Schedule content on landing pages



eZ Enterprise provides organizations with our new open source core, eZ Platform, along with eZ Studio and professional support and services. Designed with developers in mind, eZ Platform provides the web framework, APIs and content repository your engineers need to develop content-rich websites and apps.

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