eZ Publish 5 for System Admins

This training is principally designed for system engineers who are in charge of running an eZ Publish platform. It aims to give these system engineers the sufficient level of knowledge, allowing the operational running of an eZ Publish installation.


  • Understand the technical architecture of eZ Publish and the prerequisites on hardware and basic software;
  • Learn to deploy an eZ Publish system;
  • Learn to optimize the system configuration for an eZ Publish website


  • LAMP server administration skills


  • Day 1
    • About eZ Systems and eZ Publish
    • Installation and configuration
    • Administration interface
    • Internal structures
    • Content management
    • Configuration model
    • eZ Publish URL’s
    • Roles and policies system
  • Day 2
    • Cronjobs
    • Hardening & Security
    • Backups & Upgrades
    • Performance optimizations (LAMP)
    • Caching
    • Clustering & DFS concepts
    • Scalability



  • 2 days
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