eZ Publish 5 for Editors and Site Admins

This editor and site administrator training will drive you into the concepts, and daily tasks using an eZ Publish 5 Platform installation. It will supply you with the necessary skills to create and manage content and users.

You become familiar with the concepts of an eZ Publish and learn about the content creation and administration. This training will also bring you through user and right management.

The training contains many exercises to deepen the new learned knowledge. The focus is to learn how to manage easily the daily tasks using best practices.


  • Learn about eZ Publish and general CMS concepts
  • Understand daily tasks of an editor using eZ Publish


  • Use of web browser based content edition


  • Day 1
    • eZ Systems : Who is that ?
    • Content Management concepts
      • Document Type
      • Document
      • Content tree
    • Administration Interface
    • Create content
      • Multi location
      • Translations
      • Rich Text
  • Day 2
    • Manage content URLs
    • Rich media (image, videos...)
    • Complex pages with eZ Flow
    • Users and Rights



  • 2 days
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