eZ Publish Legacy Developer Basic

This technical training describes the architecture and technical components of an eZ Publish installation and supplies you with the necessary skills to customize and develop a website with eZ Publish (Discover the administration interface, Templates, Main extensions, etc…).

The training focuses on the daily tasks of an eZ Publish developer and introduces into the development of templates and also into the advanced programming methods. The usage of eZ Publish’s API is learned in many exercises, which are typical tasks in daily project development.


  • Understand eZ Publish concepts;
  • Know how about underlying methods;
  • Become familiar with the eZ Publish backend;
  • Learn about extensions.


  • Day 1 
    • Installation of eZ Publish
    • Explanation of eZ’s content management concepts
    • Introduction into the administrative and editorial tasks
    • Understanding the internal structures and configuration possibilities
  • Day 2
    • Managing custom URL’s and other editorial and marketing features
    • Using the role and policy system in the correct way
    • Introduction into workflows and the extension plugin system
  • Day 3 
    • Understanding the MVC architecture of eZ Publish and the design concept
    • Introduction into template development based on exercises
    • Implementation of a design extension and usage of the complex override system for custom templates
    • Acquire the best practices and typical daily tasks in template development (exercises and example code)
  • Day 4
    • Focus on the advanced programming and usage of the API by implementing a custom PHP module with parameter handling
    • Learn how to really extend eZ Publish with your own features
    • Acquire the concepts of the caching system and performance and learn which are the best practices and what you never should do
    • Get in touch with the workflow and event system of eZ Publish and implement your own workflow event
  • eZ Publish Developer Legacy certification test



  • 4 days
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