eZ Publish Legacy Developer Advanced

This technical training allows you to increase your skills by developing eZ Publish via extension development. It describes how to extend eZ Publish in general, in which cases, for what reasons, and shows the different natures of extensions and their use in order to add new business features to your eZ Publish installation.


  • Extend eZ Publish by creating a template operator, a module and a workflow event;
  • Use eZ Persistent Object;
  • Know how to identify obstacles to performance, and optimize them.


  • Day 1
    • Get the guidelines how create a secure and performant environment for eZ Publish
    • Step into advanced programming in a very deep level looking at the persistence architecture of the eZ Publish kernel and its extension possibilities
    • Learn everything important about the API itself and how to work with the interfaces in custom modules, workflows on PHP level
    • Creation of a custom datatype with validation and templates explains the usage of the API in one of the exercises
  • Day 2
    • Focus on the optimization of the setup looking at all software components like the database and the webserver. Get the best practices on optimizing the LAMP environment for eZ Publish to achieve a fast and reliable solution
    • Learn how to use advanced caching techniques like the SmartViewCache, CacheBlocks and also reverse proxies (Varnish)
  • Day 3
    • Introduction into server side includes (SSI, ESI) and set up of these
    • Explanation of the clustering concept and learning how to set up a eZ Publish clustered environment on several servers with automatic synchronization



  • 3 days
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