Upgrading to eZ Publish 5

This technical training will drive eZ Publish Legacy (4) experienced developers through the new eZ Publish 5 concepts, architecture and design.

The training focuses on the daily tasks of an eZ Publish developer and introduces the configuration and customization of content management and front-end. The usage of eZ Publish and the addition of custom Symfony2 bundle to implement your own design will be showed through multiple exercises.


  • Understand and implement eZ Publish 5 and underlying methods
  • Learn to configure and set up an eZ Publish 5 website from scratch
  • Acquire the best practices in template development and learn how to use the new API efficiently
  • Know how to set up and use all the different kinds of extensions


  • PHP
  • eZ Publish Legacy (4) Developer Basic level


  • Day 1
    • eZ Systems : What's new ?
    • Installing eZ Publish 5 Platform
    • Symfony2 & eZ Publish Internal Structure
    • From Legacy to 5, concepts and wording
    • YML Configuration Model
  • Day 2
    • Rendering & Templating
    • Twig
    • Overriding
    • Public API
    • Bundle
    • Advanced overriding
    • Caching

eZ Publish Developer Basic certification test


This training will explain basic tasks using Symfony2 framework. For deeper Symfony2 knowledge eZ Systems recommends SensioLabs trainings. Contact your eZ Systems Local team to know more about our recommendations.


  • 2 days