eZ Publish Performance Workshop

This high end workshop focuses all the performance and scalability related topics for advanced engineers and administrators.

You already know how to handle eZ Publish, but you want to learn how to get the fastest and perfect application & environment? Then go for the the performance Workshop. eZ Publish includes a lot of features which help to manage high performance websites and optimize processing time, get all them known. You will be introduced into the best practices regarding optimization of the eZ LAMP environment and also eZ's internal programming algorithms and common no-go's which you should avoid.

You also want to take a look at multi tenant and load-balanced multi-server configurations? Learn how such a high performance installation should be set up and understand what should be configured how to get really fast results. Identify what should be avoided and how to get the bottle-necks.


  • Get the best practices for fast application programming and bottle neck analysis
  • Get introduced in cluster environments and special cache settings
  • Understand how to set up a high performance LAMP stack and where the bottle necks can be


  • eZ Publish Developer Basic level



  • 1 day
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