eZ offers a comprehensive set of professional services to support your digital projects, all available with an eZ Platform Enterprise subscription.

The best choice for organizations using eZ's Digital Experience Platform in a professional environment, an eZ Platform Enterprise subscription combines the benefits of open source innovation with the reliability of commercially supported software. This includes support and maintenance and access to other enterprise grade services: consulting, training and certification.

The License That Fits Your Business

eZ Platform Enterprise subscription provides access to eZ's Digital Experience Platform: 

  • eZ Platform Enterprise Edition Long-Term Supported (LTS) and Fast Track (FTR) releases under BUL license

eZ Platform Enterprise subscription is defined by a clear, concise intellectual property framework. eZ controls the intellectual property rights of the software, so there’s no conflict of interest between software contributors, and you have full freedom to choose which changes or additions you share as open source and what you keep private as proprietary. 

Access to our Dedicated Service Portal

eZ Platform Enterprise subscription gives you access to our dedicated Service Portal for communication and collaboration with eZ. You will also receive secure extranet access for each service user, for streamlined communication with our teams.

The Service Portal includes a support issue tracker, a detailed summary of your subscription and its certified software, as well as access to maintenance and monitoring information.

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