[Webinar] Web Accessibility

Is your website shutting out visitors with disabilities?

With one in every five Americans living with a disability, there’s no question your customers, clients, and stakeholder groups all contain people who may be struggling to access your web content. And that’s definitely not good for business.

In this webinar, Dave Fearnley, Web Developer at Mugo Web will discuss:

  • The laws on web accessibility in the US and Canada
  • Understanding your web accessibility audience
  • The basics of an accessibility site audit
  • The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and levels of compliance
  • How to implement accessible links, contrast ratios, alt tags, and more
  • Using your CMS to your advantage in accessibility audits, remediation, and compliance

Featured speaker:

Dave Fearnley, Web Developer - Mugo Web

Dave Fearnley has more than 20 years' experience developing web and IT systems and large scale educational software products. Over the last two years he has specialized in website audits for compliance with the Website Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). He has led teams in updating eZ Publish installations from small to full-scale enterprise website solutions to successfully certify under the WCAG.

Who should attend:

  • Web designers
  • UX specialists
  • Directors/VPs of Digital Marketing
  • Directors/VPs of Digital Strategy
  • Anyone else interested in web accessibility