SymfonyCon Amsterdam

From November 21-22 engineers, developers and IT professionals will meet in Amsterdam, for SymfonyCon, where eZ can be met in person.

eZ is proud to be a sponsor of the 2019 SymfonyCon Amsterdam. Join us for the Conference from 21-22 November for 2 days of Symfony to share best practices, experience, knowledge and hear the latest developments with the framework.

Join also the PHP track on Friday, where VP Technical Services & Support Andre Rømcke presents his talk about "Head first into Symfony Cache, Redis & Redis Cluster" at 11:50 AM. His talk focuses on how Symfony Cache is working, down to detail level on Redis for things like datatypes, Redis Cluster sharding logic, how it differs from Memcached and more. Hopefully you’ll learn how you can make sure to get optimal performance, what opportunities exists, and which pitfalls to try to avoid.