[DE WEBINAR] - B2B Content & Commerce 2019

More complex websites or B2B shops today require more platform thinking than ever before. Content or products, user data and infrastructure must therefore be prepared in order to use it in the future. Only agility and flexibility guarantee steady growth.

In this webinar we offer you more than just Buzzword Bingo -
namely the answers to really relevant questions:

• What significant added value do you have from a unified content and commerce solution?
• What benefit do you have in concrete terms? (ERP Business Logic for B2B Commerce)
• How do you achieve long-term customer loyalty and generate more business from a single source?
• How to more easily deliver product and editorial content across multiple channels?
• What savings can be made for your company?
You want to know more about it?
After the webinar, of course, there will be time for your own individual questions.

Duration: 45 Minutes (15 Min. ETECTURE / 15 Min. eZ Systems / 15 Min. Q&A)