Web and mobile platform for Mondadori France    

Project context:

Mondadori is one of the major consumer media publishers in Europe. Their mission is to encourage the widest distribution of consumer focused cultural content across a wide range of products.

The Digital Technology Department (DTD) carries out projects set by the Digital Director as well as defining project scope.

The project was a re-launch of the site’s graphic interface as well as a technical migration. The aim was to improve the readability and usability of the site, improve ergonomics and extend the site’s functionality and performance. fashion, beauty, stars and luxury is the website channel for the famous women’s print magazine by the same name. It includes several interactive additional services.
Released on 31 May 2012, it is a major advertising channel for luxury advertisers in France. 

eZ Publish CMS was used for:

  • A multi-site management solution
  • A multichannel management solution
  • A powerful content search engine
  • Web page management with dynamic content block

Timeline of the project:

  • Project starts: March 2012
  • Live online: 31 May 2012
  • 3 months 4 developers


Several challenges were overcome during the project – as much from a graphic aspect as technical and functional.

The complex page structure was reviewed many time in order to improve the user experience. A new, fresh and fluid user experience and graphic interface was designed.

The graphic aspect was particularly worked upon so that the site would work on many devices like iPad, smartphone and smart TV. Thanks to Responsive Design Grazia instantly become “multichannel”.

Technically the site was migrated onto eZ Publish Enterprise, extensions developed by the core team at Mondadori were implemented and a new architecture was built.

The short time frame was embraced by the Mondadori France team and they rose to the challenge with enthusiasm and determination! 

Solution: was completely implemented by the Digital Technology Department (DTD).

Compatability problems between different devices were addresses using a CSS framework names Bootstrap that was integrated to the design of the site and the ezjscore extension. The compilation of the CSS with LESS technology and the shrinkage by content type allowed a considerable trimming of the weight of the javascripts and the CSS to be downloaded.

The functional aspects linked to the orientation of photos of fashion models (always in vertical format) compare fo others (sometimes vertical, sometimes horizontal) was done by evolving the eZ Image Editor extension by forcing the ratios and orientations of images.

Back copies of Grazia were digitized and the historic article archive were added into the content database as new articles but in a cache. This allows the editors to sort through and repurpose content as well as enriching it before posting online. Search was improved with SolR and eZ Find allowing an accurate, rapid and highly visual search experience.

Highly visual spaces and content were given priority: videos with a wide angle player, sliders and home page with large images, photo galeries and high definition content are the expression of the site.

High performance and availability of media is assured thanks to Nginx technology.

Interview by Maxime Thomas, Directeur Technique Digital at Mondadori France

Why did you choose eZ Publish ?

« eZ Publish fits our editorial needs and overcomes positively performance, availability and secutiry constraints. What’s more, is open and flexible which allows us to adapt the product to our needs.
The DTD was built specially for the project and is very experienced on the tool. We know the details and function of each module.
Several other Mondadori sites like Top Santé are on eZ Publish, which allows us to work horizontally across certain developments. »

What does eZ Systems bring you as a publisher ?

« The guarantee to have the security of our web platforms supported and maintained was something very important to us at the beginning of the project. Later we realised quickly that eZ Systems represented much more than that.

In fact, eZ Systems is reactive, answers our needs and pushes us to learn about the new functionality of their product. We had a good visibility of their innovation roadmap.
In addition, eZ is strong on plug-in propositions and knows how to add value to the projects in hand. »

How do you see your future with eZ Publish ?

« Mondadori wishes to build its applications with eZ Publish Enterprise and put in place this solution quickly with projects that are in development. This will increase the technical team size and our infrastructure. »

eZ Publish in 2 words ?

« Robuste et évolutif ! (Robust and evolutionary!) »