eZ Platform, eZ's new content management system, enables developers to build content-rich websites, apps, portals and other digital products. Built on top of the Symfony full-stack framework, eZ Platform gives you modern architecture and flexibility so you can build, extend and scale your sites and apps with ease. Accelerate time-to-market, reduce the cost of ownership and take control of your content.


Software architecture diagram

Modern Architecture

eZ Platform relies on an architecture with clean APIs and clear separation between different application layers. This makes learning, using and maintaining the platform easier.

Open Source

eZ Platform is entirely open source and it's easy to try, easy to learn and easy to contribute. Find us on Github. We love pull requests from the outside.

Ready for a Distributed World

Our REST API enables full access to eZ's content repository. Integrate any application.

Built to Scale

Handling high traffic with high availability is no simple task. eZ Platform is built to scale through clustering and sophisticated yet simple caching and delivery systems.

Agile and Enterprise-Ready

eZ Platform uses the latest best practices and tools in the industry to make sure it fits the need of enterprise customers who need reliability and security in their CMS. We work with leading tools for deployment and testing such as Jenkins, Docker, Vagrant, Git and Behat. eZ Platform is flexible and agile, making integration processes with enterprise software development and deployment tools seamless.

Technology Stack

eZ Platform is LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) friendly. We can venture out to other operating systems and databases like Windows Server or Oracle but LAMP is our technology family, and the reference platform for eZ.

PHP logo


PHP is the leading programming language for dynamic websites and web apps. W3techs reports PHP runs more than 82 percent of dynamic websites. Since its beginning, PHP evolved into an object oriented, enterprise-ready language, but it's still a lean and accessible programming environment with the benefits of a vast and vibrant community.

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Symfony is a high-end PHP framework, and in 2012 eZ became one of the first commercial vendors to fully leverage the framework. By using Symfony in its complete form, eZ Platform is fully compatible with any projects or plugins developed using the Symfony framework. This means no limitations when trying to integrate Symfony bundles. Already using Symfony? Develop in a very similar way with eZ Platform using Twig, Composer and other Symfony components. 

Mysql and Mariadb logos

MySQL and MariaDB

eZ Platform can be used with different databases. By far, MySQL is used by the vast majority of eZ installations. By default, we support the latest MySQL and MariaDB solutions. Other databases such as Postgres and Oracle can be used depending on the version.

Other cool tech logos

And Many Others

The landscape of digital technology is constantly evolving, and eZ Platform evolves with it. Recently, we've added some other important components such as SolR, ElasticSearch, Memcached, Varnish and Nginx. We are committed to growing and providing a highly-customizable platform, so look for more components to come.

Based on Standards

Like many Open Source solutions, we love standards at eZ. But we love standards that are efficient, and not all of them are. We rely heavily on HTML5, XML, docBook, REST, JSon, OpenOffice, LDAP and others. By concentrating on these standards, we make learning our platform easier and faster.

Web Standards



By design, eZ technology is highly flexible and customizable, and since we integrated the Symfony framework in 2013, our software has gotten even better. With eZ Platform, you can customize the clean way − you don't have to hack it − and we back it up with very low technical debt relative to other CMSs. 


Thanks to eZ Platform's extension points, developers can expand the platform with custom modules that will integrate with our platform's fully featured APIs. Run your custom apps on top of eZ Platform and reuse all or just parts of the framework, based on your needs.  


Since day one, we have put a lot of effort into releasing software that cares for backward and forward compatibility. We ensure smooth upgrades, our APIs are stable and the software comes with long-term release support that makes it a safe and reliable choice.


eZ Platform is fit for agile development, as any modern application should be. Developers using eZ Platform follow best practices such as continuous integration, unit-testing automation, behavior-driven development and frequent deployment. 

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