The Command Center for Content Creators

eZ Platform Enterprise Edition helps editors, marketers and other business users take control of their content throughout every step in the publishing process. We designed our new editorial interface with people like you in mind, and with our Studio features we’re confident you’ll feel right at home after just a few clicks. 

Build Dynamic Landing Pages

Studio helps you create conversion-ready landing pages in minutes. Simply drag and drop elements onto the page—headers, banners, image galleries, content lists, quotes, tags and more. No HTML experience required. Plus, your developers can build and integrate custom tools to meet your needs.

Customize Your Workflow

Studio puts content creators in the driver’s seat. Choose who you would like to review or approve your story, and let the collaboration begin.

Schedule Content on Landing Pages

Studio lets you automate the flow of content on your landing pages and keep your site up-to-date at all times—even when your editors are enjoying the weekend. Manage your content hours, days and even weeks ahead, and preview your pages at any point in time.

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Create dynamic landing pages in minutes.

Discover Why Developers Love eZ Platform

We pay close attention to developer experience and we can’t wait to share what we have in store for your engineers.