eZ Platform Cloud is a cloud hosting solution that offers our leading, latest generation content management software – eZ Platform, in a platform-as-a-service approach. eZ Platform Cloud provides the underlying hosting infrastructure to run projects as well as the necessary development tools to deploy and manage projects.

Modern Content Management System

eZ Platform is our latest generation CMS software. Built on the strength of our 15 years’ experience, it offers a very robust and sophisticated CMS that fits the simplest to the most complex content management projects. It provides a decoupled architecture, rich APIs and modern editorial experience. eZ Platform is open source and built on top of leading web technology: PHP on Symfony’s full-stack framework.

A Cloud Platform that Supports You from Development to Production

eZ Platform Cloud leverages an end-to-end cloud hosting platform-as-a-service approach. It provides developers with high performance development, testing and production environments, and an agile workflow with tools to develop and deploy quickly and with quality. eZ Platform Cloud does all of the DevOps work for you, it let’s you focus on the code and speeds up the process from development to production.

Core Features and Benefits

Reduce DevOps Work

eZ Platform Cloud allows your DevOps team to reduce costs and save time as they only need to worry about configuring your infrastructure (that is provided as PaaS) rather than build it yourself.

Faster and Better Testing

Robust workflow & infrastructure for your teams to develop and launch new features and offers that customers love, how you want as often as you want.

Following Modern Development Practices

Based on a Git flow that supports both GitHub and Bitbucket, and provides the flexibility and the automation for a modern software development process.

High-Performance and High-Availability

Enterprise offering includes unique, triple-redundant architecture for 99.99% uptime and 24/7 support with guaranteed response times.

Privacy and Data Sovereignty

Conscious of data privacy regulations with our sovereign cloud partner providers Orange Cloud Business and Microsoft Azure in Europe.

Centralized Support

One single desk responsible for all issues that are application and infrastructure related.

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