There's no reason your marketing team should be spending months figuring out how to use a complex marketing automation system. Automation tools are sophisticated but they also need to be easy to use because after all, your marketers will be logging in on a daily basis. 

A top alternative to many other automation tools on the market today, eZ Marketing Automation makes it easy to automate all types of marketing tasks. Get more done in less time while generating qualified leads, nurturing prospects and driving revenue growth. 


Generate Leads

Landing Page Builder

Landing page builder

Quickly build and publish landing pages using predefined and custom templates to ensure brand consistency.

Drag & Drop Form Builder

eZ's Form Builder is easy to use, and you can integrate forms with your website without any programming skills.

Lead Form Capturing

Our form mapping tool captures prospect information, adds leads to one or multiple lists automatically, and sends auto-responder emails. 

Progressive Profiling

Progressive Profiling adds intelligence to your web forms, allowing you to present fields that haven't been filled out before.

Web Analytics

Create segments on any data you choose. eZ's Web Analytics feature makes it simple to see which on- or off-site actions (like search phrases, page views, downloads or webinar attendance) lead to conversion and revenue and which don't.

Social Marketing

Set up your daily, weekly and monthly posts to Facebook and Twitter from our simple interface. Post to as many accounts as you wish.

Build Relationships

Email Marketing

Create, manage and analyze email marketing campaigns based on any combination of behavior and demographic data. Whether you need a simple drip, a one-time blast, an auto-responder or a complex action-based lead nurture campaign, eZ Marketing Automation has you covered. 

Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing enables you to continuously remain in contact with your prospects. Send relevant content to the right users until they are ready to move.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring can be layered to suit your needs, whether it's based on simple qualification data, prospect interaction with digital marketing efforts, or engagement with your sales and marketing teams.

Database Segmentation

Segmenting prospects is the key to ensuring relevant communication, scoring and qualification. With our Database Segmentation tool, you can quickly launch quality nurturing campaigns and drill into tightly defined subsets of prospects to deliver highly relevant content.

Drip Email Campaign Builder

Drip Campaign Builder makes it simple to create and modify your drip email campaigns. By driving these campaigns with eZ Marketing Automation's segments, you'll create a flood of new revenue.

List Management

With eZ's Segment-Driven™ List Management Solution, you can adjust list membership based on each segment. And with eZ Marketing Automation you can segment anything you choose in seconds.

Keep Sales Informed

Sales Alerts

Send the information your sales team needs when they need it, and enable them to engage with prospects fast.

Sales Enablement

Make any eZ Marketing Automation email available within Salesforce. Salesforce users can choose a template, customize messaging and send a fully trackable email to any lead or contact.

CRM Integration

eZ Marketing Automation integrates with multiple commercial CRMs including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SugarCRM. Align your sales and marketing teams, gain deep insight into your leads at each stage of the sales cycle and accurately measure your marketing campaigns' ROI.

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