eZ Smart Tags

Relevant tags, without the hassle. 

eZ Smart Tags offers a new and efficient way of tagging your content relieving your editors of manually picking them and ensures consistency across your site.

Tagging your content correctly is one of the most important activities in today’s digital publishing world, enabling users to delve deeper into your content, and ensuring that they’ll stay longer, and come back more often. But tagging by hand is a tedious, time consuming process. And the results are often not what you need to make your site sing.

eZ Smart Tags is an extension for eZ Publish that offers a new and efficient way of tagging your content. By automatically suggesting tags it relieves your editors of manually picking them and ensures consistency across your site. eZ Smart Tags leverages cutting-edge algorithms to provide razor-sharp tags, in a simple and easy-to-use package. Tags can be suggested for your existing articles and for new ones as they are published.

The result? Relevant tags throughout your site, without the hassle.

  • Streamlined tagging interface for systematic and consistent tagging
  • Automatic tag suggestions powered by the Classmatic classification engine
  • Assisted tag selection helps you find additional tags quickly
  • Hierarchical tag organization powered by eZ Tags, with support for multiple taxonomies
  • Batch tagging functionality
  • Support for all non-Asian languages
  • Works hand in hand with the eZ Find search engine
  • Advanced statistics module gives you a clear picture of your tags
  • Certified for eZ Publish Enterprise 4.5, 4.6 and 4.7
  • eZ Tags 1.2.2

ioSquare specializes in automated solutions for organizing information. In the context of ever-increasing amounts of unstructured data, we deliver powerful algorithms in a simple and cost-effective package, with no compromise on the quality of the results.

Founded in 1996, Novactive is an independent interactive agency, mixing technology, communication and online marketing. Novactive has been an eZ Publish integrator since 2005. Now an eZ Systems Platinum Partner, Novactive develops extensions for the eZ Market. Its customers are both large companies and SMEs, in the press and media industries in particular.

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