eZ Slack Connector

Slack is a cloud-based collaboration messaging application.

The eZ Slack Connector provides two way integration between the Slack messaging system and eZ's CMS application, eZ Platform Enterprise Edition. It allows eZ developers to drastically simplify their work as well as manage their work space via the Slack interface.

How to Install the Plugin:

The package is open source and available on Github: https://github.com/Novactive/NovaeZSlackBundle

Watch the video below to learn more about the eZ Slack Connector capabilities:


  • Slack Connect: Allows users to login to eZ Platform via Slack. It can also recognize a Slack user in eZ (mapping with roles and permissions).
  • Incoming Webhooks: Allows eZ users to push posts such as notifications on to different Slack channels.
  • Interactive Components: Users can create an interactive experience by producing messages that contain an action. For example, a user can push a call to action button or menu in which the user can select from a list of options. This can be, for example, a request for an admin to approve an article before publishing. Once the admin approves he can review and push to publish the article via slack.
  • Slash Commands: Allows users to trigger actions from Slack on eZ Platform. For example, posting a gif, image, or starting a conference call. 
  • Event Subscriptions: Users can install a bot that will be able to listen to a specific Slack channel. The bot will be able to trigger certain actions according to the information that is being discussed. For example, the bot suggests an article to read about a certain topic that is being discussed.

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Founded in 1996, Novactive is an independent interactive agency, mixing technology, communication and online marketing. Novactive has been an eZ Publish integrator since 2005. Now an eZ Systems Platinum Partner, Novactive develops extensions for the eZ Market. Its customers are both large companies and SMEs, in the press and media industries in particular.

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