Siteimprove for eZ

The Siteimprove plugin bridges the gap between the eZ Platform (or eZ Publish) and Siteimprove’s platform. Thanks to the seamless integration, you are now able to put your Siteimprove results to use where they are most valuable – during your content creation and editing process.

With analytics and content insights always at hand, contributors can test, fix, and optimize their work continuously. Once the detected issues have been assessed, you can directly re-recheck the relevant page when it is published and see if further actions are needed. Delivering a superior digital experience has never been more efficient and convenient.


While the extension is free, the service is not. A separate account is required. You can read more about what Siteimprove’s CMS-plugin offers and request access to the platform by clicking here. Once you get access to it, you can download and start using the free plugin for your eZ Platform or eZ Publish.

  • Get it right the first time – Fix errors and optimize content while you’re creating it.
  • Content optimization, Accessibility errors, SEO data, and other Siteimprove insights displayed while you are working in the eZ Platform or eZ Publish.
  • Put Analytics data to use – Make Analytics insights an integral part of your content creation and editing process.
  • Re-check pages in real-time – Evaluate your work and progress by re-testing content directly within the eZ Platform or eZ Publish.

Siteimprove helps more than 7,000 public and private organizations of all sizes overcome every modern web challenge and turn their website into the asset it was meant to be. With Siteimprove, your days of combing through data and manually spotting errors on your website are over. Through intelligent automation, Siteimprove takes care of those time-consuming website tasks so you can focus your efforts where they belong: prioritizing issues, optimizing content and design, and aligning digital metrics with organizational goals.

You can download the plugin and find full instruction on GitHub

Siteimprove for eZ