OpenMagazine for eZ Publish

Automating multi-channel content creation for your digital first business.

OpenMagazine for eZ Publish is a connector between eZ Publish Enterprise and popular desktop publishing suites, like InDesign.

In today’s world of social media, tablets and smart phones, publishers have more outlets for their content than ever before, but the complexities of dealing with the ever changing landscape can require a lot of manual, repetitive work. With eZ Publish Enterprise and its exclusive repository of extensions, including eZ OpenMagazine, automation of manual work helps your content get in front of your audience quickly and easily, regardless of the channel or device.

Do you produce a magazine or daily paper and need to move its content to other channels without a lot of manual work? OpenMagazine for eZ Publish automates these processes, enabling eZ Publish to utilize the files created by most of today’s top desktop publishing programs.

Go direct from file creation to usage without manual intervention.

A magazine or any other piece of designed content can be loaded and filed in eZ Publish: this permits a very flexible multichannel management in which content can be distributed via the web, social networks, mobile phone, newsletters, and paper editions.

The mapping of style in eZ Publish                 Generating multipage documents in indesign directly from eZ Publish

The interoperability with InDesign allows changes and edits in either eZ Publish Enterprise or InDesign so you can move files back and forth with no fear of style, design or content loss with the added bonus of accurate version management.

Presentation given at the eZ Summit 2013

  • Automation of the content download operation.
  • Full compatibility with Adobe InDesign
  • Consistency of the graphic styles and content structure designed with Adobe InDesign in your eZ Publish installation, and creation of IDML files (InDesign’s XML language)
  • Association of any type of content within eZ Publish to the structures previously created with InDesign through an intuitive web interface
  • A services oriented architecture (SaaS)
  • Certified for eZ Publish Enterprise 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 and 5.x
  • eZ Publish extensions: ezmultiupload, ezwebin, ezfind, ezwt, ezjscore
  • Browser able to interpret the SVG format (Firefox, Safari, Chrome)
  • Adobe InDesign CS5.

OpenContent SCARL develops Enterprise Content Management applications for Digital Media and Public Administration. Opencontent has developed significant projects at national and international level, continuously integrating into its solutions the innovation that comes from its research partners (as FBK – Human Language Technology) and its business partners (as eZ Systems), with the aim of offering competitive and reliable services.

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