IBM FileNet® connector for eZ Publish

Publish smoothly any document from IBM FileNet® to your eZ Publish website.

The IBM FileNet® connector for eZ Publish helps you on releasing your private document repository: display your company’s documents on the world wide web.

Secure and reliable, IBM FileNet® connector for eZ Publish simplify your public document management.


Designed for eZ Publish and combined with ARender for eZ Publish extension, the IBM FileNet® connector for eZ Publish will be the best companion of your X-Net strategy and virtual desktop projects.

  • IBM FileNet® contextual menu and actions
  • Publish any type of document using a simple web-based interface:
    • Website repository selection from IBM Filenet® interface
    • Metadata properties selection and live update
  • Update and manage your documents from eZ Publish
    • Optional automatic synchronization of version updates
    • Published documents overview
    • One-click unpublish from both FileNet® and eZ Publish GUI
  • eZ Publish Enterprise 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 and 5.x

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IBM FileNet® connector in action

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