Content Cockpit for eZ Publish

The Content Cockpit for eZ Publish helps editors and marketers effectively manage the online business strategy and goals.

It is hard to keep content up-to-date and process user feedback in a timely manner in large, complex websites. The Content Cockpit for eZ Publish is completely integrated with eZ Publish and helps editors and marketers effectively manage the online business strategy and goals.

The Content Cockpit for eZ Publish offers a level of analysis to your Web Content Management (WCM) that allows marketers and editors to deliver improved content to your online visitors. The user-friendly interface provides key data like content resubmission dates, collected user feedback (by star rating) and website user-statistics in a central location.

The Content Cockpit for eZ Publish’s library of content allows editors and marketers to easily access the content and turnaround new pages and changes faster, based on user feedback. Access to the Cockpit reduces duplication of information and ensures greater consistency of content across your online presence. eZ Content Cockpit is designed for all website editors to collaborate in a productive manner.

Check out Content Cockpit for eZ Publish in action

  • Easy drag & drop content-assignment to an editor
  • One-click-routine from the cockpit to the content-object for seamless working
  • Drill-down function from the overview to even more data in the resubmission-, rating- and statistics-tab.
  • Instant message board based on the common calendar of the cockpit
  • Customizable to your content-classes
  • Certified for eZ Publish Enterprise 4.6 and 4.7
  • eZ Components
  • PHP 5 and PHP 5 cli for the statistic module
  • MySQL 5
  • ezstarrating extension (if you want to use the rating-tab)

Hyperoad Design works on eZ projects for more than ten years and satisfies the needs of national and international customers. With eZ Content Cockpit the focus of Hyperroad Design is to customize eZ Publish out of an editor’s point of view and simplify the daily work. Hyperroad Design won the eZ Award “Solution of the year 2010”.

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