AUX for eZ

The Editor in the Foreground – Improve the eZ Publish Platform Backend Usability with AUX for eZ.

ARITHNEA designed and developed a usability extension for the CMS eZ Publish that allows editors to work easier and more efficient. AUX is an acronym meaning ARITHNEA Usability eXtension

The eZ Publish Platform is one of the most widely-used PHP open source content management systems. The platform offers great extensibility and for content projection in the front-end for news, newsletters, calendars, recommendations, REST APIs, articles and more. In the last few years, many features have been developed to enhance technical aspects and improve front-end functionality. ARITHNEA, with AUX for eZ, takes a different approach.

AUX for eZ is a collection of features and usability enhancements that make using the eZ Publish Platform easier. 

The extension focuses on:

  • Development of an easy-to-install backend extension (one-click-install) for the eZ Publish Platform
  • Creating an optimized and user-friendly view for editors.
  • Functionality in the forefront

The design of eZ Publish is from the architecture of one of the best modular content management systems.

For the development of this extension we defined the following objectives:

  • The eZ Publish Platform should be made user friendly for editors
  • The operation of this system must be intuitive, and as an editor, be able to reach your goals with a few clicks
  • AUX for eZ should be simple to install and require little or no configuration work
  • The update capability of the eZ Publish Platform must be ensured
  • AUX for eZ must be modular to enable and to incorporate more improvements

What are the features in AUX for eZ?

First, the backend graphical user interface (GUI) was processed to give the users a better overview of the available functions and features. Here, for example, each content box can be opened and closed so that the editors can easily hide their unneeded information. The current status is of course saved for each user.

For easier viewing of objects in the navigation tree, an AJAX based tree-filter was developed. Users can enter a search word here and the tree is filtered accordingly. Of course, eZ Publish will save this keyword and filter the tree even when calling a new page. For the navigation tree, numerous features have been developed such as Drag & Drop functionality for individual objects, improved copy functions so that the editor does need to go to the top of the parent element to copy an object to the right place. Moving and deleting the objects can now be done directly in the navigation tree.
Move, copy, delete and rename directly in the tree using Drag & Drop. The context bar in the eZ Publish Platform is redesigned so individual areas can be opened and the state is stored in the user object. This way you have a better overview and can move your way around.

The extension concept is simple and efficient. The AUX for eZ's architecture in turn contains certain features of a container of individual sub-extensions. With this simple architecture, it is easy to disable or expand certain functions.

  • Tabbed Browsing for Multitasking
  • History for active and recently closed Tabs
  • Tabs getting saved in Database to restore the last seen State even after Logout
  • Copy or Move Objects in Node Tree (with Drag & Drop)
  • Rename Objects on-the-fly in Node Tree (with F2)
  • Possibility to Drag and Drop Objects into Bookmarks
  • Search for Objects directly in Node Tree (eZTreeFilter, infinite depth)
  • Option to Insert Node Directly in Browse Mode
  • Opportunity to Drag & Sort shown Containers in Dashboard
  • Userbar on the Right can now be simplified by closing unneeded Panels
  • Formatting Options in RichText Editor can be administrated (eZAUX OE)

System Requirements

  • eZ Publish 5 (LS), 4.7
  • certified for MySQL/MariaDB
  • PHP 5.3.3

Browser Requirements

  • JavaScript enabled

Browser Support

  • FireFox > v30
  • Internet Explorer >= v9
  • Google Chrome > v32
  • Opera > v22

As a strategic e-business partner ARITHNEA has realized pioneering solutions in the B2B and B2C environment: from consulting and strategic focus on the creative design and technical implementation to operation of the e-business solutions. Whether cross-channel commerce platforms, portals, online shops or traditional websites - ARITHNEA provides shopping and brand experiences across multiple channels and national boundaries.

The experts at ARITHNEA have, in addition to communicative, functional and technical expertise, a globally recognized project management certification and extensive experience from numerous national and international projects. Companies such as Airbus, Bruno Bader, BayWa, BSH Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances, Gaggenau, HABA, University of Applied Sciences Munich, Jako-O, ProSiebenSat.1, Robert Bosch, Sport 1 and Telefónica Germany (o2) rely on their expertise.

ARITHNEA employs approximately 140 full-time employees, is headquartered in Neubiberg near Munich and has offices in Bremen, Frankfurt and Stuttgart. 

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