Unified Site Management

Simplify all your operations by using a single system for both editorial content management and e-commerce operations.

Content-Rich Product Pages

Enrich and optimize your products with various types of content—articles, blog posts, product information, images, videos and other rich media.

Product Catalog Management

Easily manage your product catalog with up-to-date analytical information and pricing—all from one centralized hub. Guarantee quality and consistency of product information across all marketing channels

Roles & Permissions

Decide who in your team can access and edit product information in a very granular and controlled manner. Set user permissions to ensure critical content and features are only manageable by those selected.

Unified Search

A fast and easy-to-use search engine for both the editorial and e-commerce sections of your website. Buyers can quickly find products, articles, documents, images and other media. Ability to auto-suggest search results.

Personalized Customer Experience

Deliver relevant and personalized content based on customer preferences and behaviors. Deliver targeted promotions that fit your customers’ needs using our AI powered personalization service

eZ Commerce Dashboard

Track, analyze and assess sales performance for your bestsellers, last ordered, top customers and pending orders. Identify top selling products and craft a promotion strategy to drive sales.

Fast Checkout Process

Reduce buyer friction with a smooth and quick checkout process from anywhere on your website.

Drag and Drop Product Comparison

Simplify your buyer’s decision-making process by allowing them to compare various products side by side.

Shopping List

Create and manage multiple shopping lists. Implement a more efficient ordering process for your buyers that shortens the time dedicated to re-ordering.

Multi-Site, Multi-Language, and Multi-Currency Capabilities

Setup multiple currencies for your multi-language e-shops. Pre-select different currencies for your visitors depending on their geographic region. Manage exchange rates with accuracy and display up-to-date prices.