eZ Commerce is an e-commerce add-on to eZ Platform that turns it into an all-in-one e-commerce and content management solution. Whether you are in B2B or B2C — eZ Commerce can help you improve the buyer’s journey-making each touchpoint with your customer a significant one. Increase your customer’s interest in your products and help form an ongoing conversation with them at each step of their journey with you, leading to not just increased sales, but more importantly building long-term loyal customers.

Modern Content Management System

eZ Platform is our latest generation content management platform. Built on the strength of more than 15 years’ experience, it offers a very robust and sophisticated system that fits the simplest to the most complex content management projects. eZ Platform provides a decoupled architecture, rich APIs and modern editorial experience. It is open source and built on top of the leading web technology: PHP, on Symfony’s full-stack framework, giving your tech team the ability to develop faster, be agile and scalable.

e-Commerce Capabilities that Support Your e-Commerce Needs

eZ Commerce seamlessly adds e-commerce capabilities to eZ Platform, providing a more content-driven e-commerce solution for B2B and B2C businesses. This all-in-one platform features an easy to use interface for your content team that supports all the monetary and transactional aspects of an e-commerce website. And from your buyer’s perspective, they are continuously engaged with relevant content for wherever they may be in their journey with you.

Comparison between eZ Commerce and Other e-commerce solutions

Core Features

Bridging the Gap Between Commerce and Content

User Benefits

Chief Technical Officer

• One single application and infrastructure to operate and maintain both content and commerce capabilities.

• A full stack symfony application.

• One backend both for your marketing and transactional website that lowers operation costs.

• 18 years of expertise from eZ teams in e-commerce.

Chief Commerce Officer (CCO)

• Captivate customers with products that are enriched with valuable information.

• Deliver a seamless buyer journey for your customers.

• Improve your conversion rates, order values and sales performance.

• Reduce shopping cart abandonment by providing personalized content.

Marketer/ Editor

• Embed articles and reviews under one repository.

• Customize site pages by dragging and dropping banners, blog posts, videos, images and much more.

• Educate and engage customers with personalized product information.

• Track an analyze business performance with eZ Commerce dashboard.

Streamline Your Buyer’s Journey

The way customers shop has changed. It’s a long way from engagement to transaction. With one single platform for both content and commerce you can deliver the most streamlined journey, accelerate the buying process and nurture happy customers who will turn into advocates.

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