eZ Platform SysAdmin Training

eZ training specifically tailored to SysAdmins and customers who run eZ Platform on-premise.

This training is for SysAdmins who need to run their LAMP stack on-premise. You will gain a sound understanding of best practices related to configuring your LAMP stack for optimal performance with eZ Platform.


  • Introduction
    • Overview of LAMP architecture
    • Linux distributions supported by eZ Platform
  • Load Balancing
    • The purpose of Load Balancer
    • Different strategies to employ when adding a load balancer to your setup
  • Varnish Cache
    • Installation and tools
    • VCL - configuration language
    • HTTP expiration and validation
    • Logging with Varnish
  • Apache and NGINX
    • Installation
    • Optimization - performance setup of your HTTP server
    • Security
  • PHP
    • Installation
    • Performance
    • Security
    • Installation
    • Advanced configuration
    • Database engines
    • Optimization and tuning
  • Memcached
    • What is memcached
    • How you may benefit from using Memcached in your setup
  • eZ Platform
    • Fundamentals of working with content objects and locations
    • Architecture overview
    • High availability - clustering
  • Monitoring
    • Smart tools to help in everyday work


2 Days




$1600 / €1200
On-site training priced upon request