eZ Platform Developer Training

This technical training introduces developers to the concepts, architecture and technical components of eZ Platform installation. You will learn the basic skills to configure and customize a website with eZ Platform.

This training course focuses on the daily tasks of an eZ developer and provides an introduction to configuration and customization of content management and front-end. There are multiple exercises using eZ Platform and adding custom Symfony bundle to implement your own design.


Day 1 - Introduction to Symfony & eZ Platform

  • Files and directories structure - Bundles
  • Front controller and environments - Request and Response
  • Routing and Controllers
  • Debug Toolbar and Web Profiler
  • Templating with Twig Automatic escape functions
  • Filters
  • Variables

Day 2 & 3 - eZ Platform Developer Training

  • Architecture and relation to the Symfony framework
  • Siteaccesses, multisite, multilingual
  • Content Types, Content Objects, locations
  • Access control with roles and policies
  • Content repository Rest API
  • Overriding templates with different criteria
  • Integrating templates using Twig helpers and the eZ design engine
  • Embedding static assets with good practices
  • Rendering sub-controllers with specific view types
  • Defining custom query types with public PHP API
  • Search functionality by extending query types
  • Importing content using the PHP API
  • Learning core concepts - layouts, zones and blocks
  • Creating a layout definition
  • Working with templates for layout blocks


3 days


Basic developer skills


One attempt after the training is included


$2.500 / €1,800

On-site training priced upon request