eZ Connector Competition

Register today and build a 3rd party integration to extend eZ Platform capabilities. 

eZ Connector Competition

A bi-monthly competition where participants can register to build connector for any application or service. Participants have one month to build the connector and submit a blog post with a demo video that details the features and functionality. eZ product team will  than evaluate all submitted connectors and announce the winner. The winner will be awarded a check of USD $2,500 and advance to “Build with eZ” phase. 


  • Opensource – Users will have freedom to run and modify connector
  • GPL license – Use GPL version 2
  • Intellectual Property - Shared copyrights with eZ following eZ's CLA.

Build with eZ

Build with eZ provides the winner of the eZ Connector Competition will be awarded a contract to build and additional connector together with our Product Team. The vendor will have one month to deliver the connector and will receive and additional $5,000 for his services. 


  • Opensource – Users will have freedom to run and modify connector
  • GPL license – Use GPL version 2
  • Code base -  Has to be hosted on eZ Systems GitHub organization 

Who Can Participate?

  • Everyone
  • Technology Partners
  • Implementation Partners
  • Developers
  • Freelancers

Register for the Competition

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