eZ Commerce Developer Training

This technical training targets commerce developers. You will learn how to extend eZ Commerce and work with its advanced features.

This training focuses on teaching you how to use & extend eZ Commerce. By combining theory and practice, you will learn to implement new features to leverage when working with eZ Commerce. There will be practical exercises that allow you to work hands-on, all while having direct access to one of our expert consultants.

Day 1

  • Core concept & architecture
  • Content structure
  • Import using the PHP and REST API
  • Customize product layout
  • Product related data and CatalogElement
  • Create landingpage block using ezcommerce API
  • Create custom search facet

Day 2

  • Extend the product by one download
  • Handling downloads in the shopping cart
  • Extending of the checkout to ship digital products

Day 3

  • How does eZ Commerce handle products
  • Navigation mixes content and products
  • Extend the catalog factory
  • support new fieldtype tags
  • How to work with eContent
  • best practice - PIM imports
  • Extend the search - advanced topics
  • Enhanced features of eZ Commerce

3 days


Intermediate developer skills, prerequisite is "eZ Platform Developer Training" certification or similar


Certified eZ Commerce Developer (one attempt included)


On-site training priced upon request