The Value of a Continuous Development Process eBook

Download the eBook and learn the basics for implementing a Continuous Development Process in your organization.

If your organization develops software, then you are likely constantly trying to find solutions to speed up development, become more agile, and reduce time-to-market of new products.

Integrating a Continuous Development process in to your development workflow will help address these issues. It allows for quick development and release of new applications. Having a strategy to implement a Continuous Development process can be tricky and quite challenging. But if you select the adequate technologies and know the approaches that best suit your needs, your organization could unravel new growth opportunities and gain a competitive advantage. 

This eBook is for those who are ready to learn the ins and outs of implementing a Continuous Development process to their development workflow. Discover best practices and how it can improve your organization's speed for delivering code. 

Topics we cover include:

  • Digital Transformation: Top challenges organizations face
  • Defining a Continuous Development Process
    • What is Continuous Integration
    • What is Continuous Delivery
    • What is Continuous Deployment
  • Technologies that Comprise the Software Development Process
  • Different Approaches for Continuous Development Process
  • The PaaS Revolution
  • Introducing eZ Platform Cloud 

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