A Business User's Guide to Content as a Service (CaaS) ebook

Download our eBook today and get a primer on traditional, headless and decoupled approaches to content management.

Businesses today are increasingly delivering Content as a Service (CaaS) to take advantage of their content beyond the web, and there is a growing number of new solutions baptized as headless CMSes. A new Forrester report, The Rise of the Headless CMS, features eZ as an innovator in this area. In this eBook, we provide business users with a guide to Content as a Service. Discover the differences between headless and traditional CMSes, and learn how a decoupled approach to content management can enable the best of both worlds. 

CaaS ebook

Topics covered in this eBook include:

  • What is a headless CMS?
  • Traditional vs headless CMS approaches
  • What is a decoupled CMS?
  • Why the repository is key
  • How to select the right approach

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