7 Major Mistakes That Will Derail Your CMS Project ebook

7 Major Mistakes That Will Derail Your CMS Project

Your Guide to Starting a Content Management System Project

Download the eBook and ensure you build a successful CMS project, from governance and project management to execution.

In many cases the success or failure of your CMS initiative will not depend solely on the technology you choose—though it obviously plays a critical role—but in the creation of a solid governance strategy, pragmatic project management and efficient execution.

Inside, we provide advice and break down the challenges you will inevitably face on your way to building a successful CMS project. This eBook is not meant to replace a consultant, but rather to serve as a guide that will help you avoid the most common mistakes seen in content management projects.

What you'll learn in this eBook:

  • Common Content Migration Mistakes
  • Integration Advice
  • Rules for Writing for The Web
  • Project Management Strategies
  • Scope Management Tips
  • Guide to Personalization

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