With dedicated contributors across the globe, the eZ Community is at the forefront of new innovations in content management and digital experience. Members of the Community play a key role in the continuous development of eZ Platform, eZ's open source content management platform.

Whether you are an eZ partner, an eZ customer or an independent developer, designer or digital content enthusiast, you can contribute to important features, influence the eZ product roadmap and ensure the platform stays on top of market trends and organizations' needs.

Sounds enticing? Join us, get involved.

Discover eZ Platform

When it comes to exploring eZ Platform and the Community, the first stop is the new Developer Hub: ezplatform.com

Contribute to eZ Platform

Are you ready to become a part of the eZ Community? There are several ways in which you can contribute, from spotting and reporting bugs to commenting on the documentation to discussing innovative uses on one of our channels. Read more on how to contribute.

Stay in Touch

Read news from eZ Systems and the eZ Community, interact with fellow Members on our Forum or Slack and follow us on social media.


Ask any question related to eZ Platform on our Discussion Forum. Of course we also welcome you to share your knowledge here with the rest of our Community. If you have a specific question or problem, provide as many details as you can: a step-by-step how to replicate your problem, Symfony Debug information and more.


If you are looking for a more direct interaction with eZ Engineers and Community Members, join our Slack channel. Be sure to check out all the available channels.


You can keep up-to-date by reading all the eZ Systems news on ez.no/blog. Community Members also contribute articles such as technical how-to’s and more on ezplatform.com/blog. For legacy related articles, check out share.ez.no/blogs.


eZ Systems organizes its yearly eZ Conference, and attends many technology and community related events. A list of events is available on our site. For a current overview of events which includes all community events, read the latest ‘Week in Review’ event section.


You can follow us on social media through the following accounts: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, or YouTube. Our Community runs a dedicated Twitter account @ezcommunity. Hashtags we use include #ezcommunity and #ezplatform.

Become an Community Member

Members of the eZ Community work openly using source code distribution platforms designed for global collaboration. Join the eZ Community today and share your insights, learn from experts and peers, ask questions and take part in eZ Platform development. You can stay informed by participating in discussions on discuss.ezplatform.com, Slack and other channels, contributing to blogs and social media, and attending webinars and events.

eZ Community Board

The goal of the eZ Community Board is to govern and coordinate community-driven activities related to eZ Platform and to other open source projects from eZ Systems and/or other members in the eZ Community, as well as to promote and help grow the community.

The Board consists of both eZ Systems employees and Community Members. It has a term of one year, after which it will renew its members through an open election process.