Webtown is an agile partner to help you get online with a well-designed solution that engages your customers. They have been using Symfony full stack for over 10 years as the foundation of their developments, ensuring that the PHP team can make the most out of eZ Enterprise.

The Webtown team has proven themselves over several enterprise projects such as building a portal for the national lottery company of Hungary, which provides specific user roles and a news module among other useful functions, to improve user experience. Another immersing project for them was building an online reservation portal for Hotelek.hu, where accommodations can be reserved through complex workflows which are supported by sophisticated admin interfaces with host accounts, automatic billing and a lot of other handy features.

It is a plus that Webtown is not only a partner for web development but also can provide the advantages of a web agency, with its wide range of partner networks providing UX, UI design, PR solutions as well.

Webtown’s development principles guarantee that you will receive professional quality results and turn optimised resources into your project. Our code can be deployed faster with eZ’s framework while adjusting to your special needs, integrating with your business critical systems and the ability to be further developed at any time.