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Zupanici 2J HR-10000 Zagreb Croatia

+385 1 387 97 22

We've been creating complete web solutions on top of eZ Publish CMS since 2004. Our services include consulting, design, and development carried out by our skilled and experienced team.

As an eZ System Business Partner since 2008, we are recognized for our competence and experience in website development. Our crew also developed numerous solutions widely used on the eZ sites, such as eZ Tags, eZ App Factory, and Sylius integration, with some of our team members working in the core eZ development team. Sites we build use responsive web design to support mobile clients and provide you with scalability options. Some of our innovative solutions that can change your website for the better are Netgen Media Portal and Netgen Site for IPTV Providers.

We open source our projects to give back to the community. You can see our open-sourced projects on our blog and GitHub account. Open sourcing and knowledge sharing was one of the reasons we started the group for eZ Community on Slack, welcoming everyone involved or interested in eZ Publish and the upcoming eZ Platform.

Our main contribution to the community is eZ Publish Summer Camp. Every year since 2012 we’ve organized this hands-on workshop based conference, with a strong emphasis on eZ Publish and, since 2014 when we coupled it with PHP Summer Camp, Symfony. It is our way to exchange experience and share the know-how through and between the hands-on workshops (emphasis on practical), and to maintain the quality relationship between our various communities through casual hangouts.

We offer our services globally, wherever there is a Skype/Hangout or airplane connection available. Feel free to contact us at info@netgenlabs.com.

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