The Agency for Digital Transformation

Schifferstraße 200 47059 Duisburg Germany


The Agency for digital transformation

Ours was always an unusual place for digital transformation, even in 1995 when Apple itself had barely moved from a suburban garage to its first offices. But it was then, in Germany, between the Rhine and Ruhr rivers, that KRANKIKOM found its corner of the world. It has never looked back.

The choice of location is somehow reflected in the KRANKIKOM reputation for high-end digital applications combined with a down-to-earth and old-fashioned customer approach.

Our clients

Whether they be large or small-to-medium, companies all know that digital transformation is a matter of survival for them. What our clients love about KRANKIKOM is not only how this transformation is conceived to generate innovation but also the reliable implementation and unstinting customer support we give them.

Partner level

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