Isobar Inc

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eZ Award

Founded in 2003, Isobar has since become the world’s most global digital agency powered by nearly 3,500 people across 37 markets.

We create long-term, rewarding relationships between brands and consumers, and are committed to ideas without limits, borderless thinking and experiences that translate across markets. Our worldwide reach means that we can bring fulfilling experiences to our clients and their customers wherever they want to lead in the world.

In the U.S. Isobar grew to a team of over 400 when digital pioneer Roundarch was acquired in 2012 and merged with the existing Isobar business. The result is a full-service agency known for tackling the largest, most complex problems in the digital space across multiple channels. The range of experiences we create cover major marketing campaigns to enterprise solutions on web and mobile platforms. What we are not known for is pretty compelling too. That’s because some of our projects are behind a firewall closely guarded new product launches, transformational business strategies or government projects.

We were recently lauded by David Cooperstein of Forrester as a post-digital agency, and our clients Bloomberg Sports and HBO have been named on the 10 Most Innovative Companies list by Fast Company in consecutive years. We proudly work with adidas, Avis, HBO, Healthways, Lego, General Motors, Royal Caribbean and the U.S. Air Force from offices in Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit and New York.


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