Advanced Partner

Internethic is a high skill creative web and mobile application development company.

Except if it is technically impossible, Internethic only uses free software and open source solutions to fit their customer needs.

Third French eZ Systems history partner, Internethic has been exclusively using eZ Publish since 2003 as THE engine solution for any kind of multi channel web content delivery needs (web portal, extranet, e-commerce, community, site factory, third application real time synchronization…). 

As Internethic has been running and hosting eZ Publish websites for more than 10 years, their small but expert versatile team perfectly control each step of a digital project production line and life cycle afterwards, and is fully dedicated to reach the utmost level of satisfaction and comfort of their customers! 

With more than 150 references to date, always providing the utmost quality standard performance, Internethic’s proven quality process and technical expertise is recognized by lots of major public and private contractors. As some of them usually say: Internethic is more than a provider, it is a real partner!