Interact S.A.

Advanced Partner

We are a multipurpose multimedia agency who has been present in luxembourg for 10 years. We work on various projects in multimedia (CD/DVD Roms, Interactive Kiosks), with a strong web / IT orientation (Websites, Intranet).

Most of our developements are done in PHP / MySQL on LAMP platforms, and we have used several commercial CMS solutions as well.
Not much yet. As explained to Bertrand Maugain, we are willing to switch from our previous expensive CMS partner to a new one, and ezPublish seems to be a very reliable one, much closer to our philosophy.

We have been checking ezPublish for a few month now (~september), and have ran internal tests on various cases. We intend to attend to a training as soon as possible in order to maximize our skills for the INFPC project we are answering to at the moment.

As explained to Bertrand Maugain, that partnership is mandatory for us in order to give an answer to that project, and we will do everything we have to do in order to show ourselves as reliable partners.


BCEE is Luxembourg's oldest bank, and chose Interact for the redesign/restructuring and technical overhaul of their site. We chose eZ publish for its