Good Morning

Advanced Partner

Good Morning is a creative communication agency that specializes in strategy, creativity, design and technology. We tell stories people remember and share with friends.

Good Morning started in 2010 with the ambition To create digital solutions that were engaging and stood out in the crowd. After years focusing on the cross point between technology and design, we chose to build our team with craftsmen within creativity, concept development, social media, performance marketing, copywriting and strategy.

The reason for going in that direction is that digital communication is becoming more complex with an endless of possibilities. With more services onboard, we can also handle accounts and not just single projects. Before we focused on single projects. Now we start with the big picture developing a strategy for the brand and help them setting up their digital infrastructure.

Creative Director, Markus Lind, explains it like this:

-What’s interesting with Good Morning is that we are building creative and strategic knowledge based on our core values within design and technology. People say that future communication is technology combined with storytelling. To us, it is a natural part of our present work.

Good Morning wants to be the symbiosis between creativity and technology. We understand the digital possibilities and can therefore make creative and rock solid solutions. 

Technology + storytelling

Good Morning has offices in Oslo and Stockholm.