wvgw Wirtschafts- und Verlagsgesellschaft Gas und Wasser mbH - First online shop based on silver.e-shop 3.0

wvgw commissioned silver.solutions with the implementation of a new online shop, which is connected to the company’s ERP system via web services. The shop offers products as well as downloads and serves association members as well as end customers. The catalogue was to feature both exclusive member products and discounted prices for members

The solution in detail

Version 3.0 of silver.e-shop is employed for the first time as the shop software for the wvgw project. silver.e-shop 3.0 has been redeveloped from scratch based on the innovative PHP framework Symfony 2 and offers cutting-edge technology coupled with the tried-and-tested B2B functions. The well-established Web-Connector interface provides the connection between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the web shop. The shop is connected to the existing Typo3-based website of wvgw.

A modern shop design was realised in-house at wvgw and implemented with the external frontend developers of agency uscreen. For the first time, the frontend framework Storm is used, which was developed by silver.solutions; it facilitates cooperation with external web designers. The new shop version now also supports modern user concepts such as the easy one-page checkout feature at the end of the ordering process.

wvgw offers special products and conditions to members of the professional associations in its shop. Product data as well as prices and special conditions are derived from the ERP system at runtime and displayed in the shop. End customers from around the world can also use the shop; for them, the shopping feature for the special products of the associations is deactivated.

An extensive search function is available for the large body of data of the DVGW regulations, specialist publications and other informational material. To allow visitors to find DIN standards and DVGW regulations quickly, eZ Find was extensively adjusted so that the most relevant matches can be found despite many different naming conventions. Archived items are not included in the search; they are available for documentation and research purposes in a separate area.

silver.e-shop 3.0 includes the high-performance CMS eZ Publish 5, which is used to manage content pages. eZ Flow is used as a portal management software for the design of the homepage. It offers the employees of wvgw many options to update and manage the homepage.

The Benefit

As the first project based on the latest version of silver.e-shop, the new wvgw shop presents itself to its customers in a fresh design and is even more user-friendly. The specially adapted search feature covers the comprehensive content, and regulations can be downloaded as a PDF file immediately after the purchase. Professional users benefit from special conditions, but end customers can also easily make purchases from wvgw. The order process is clearly structured and easy to use.

"Thanks to the new and modern shop system we can now offer our customers even more convenience. The interfaces, which were specially adjusted for us, deliver the result faster and better, especially given the large number of products we offer. Prices for association members are now taken into account when you place an order. Because the shop is connected to our ERP system, we save a lot of time. Overall, this is a very successful project and the service provider is very professional."

Anja Klausener, head of sales/customer service at wvgw Wirtschafts- und Verlagsgesellschaft Gas und Wasser mbH