Vincentz Network GmbH & Co. KG

Vincentz Network was founded by Curt Rudolf Vincentz in 1893 as a specialized publishing company. Nowadays Vincentz is the leading information provider and contact mediator for three expert groups:

- Ambulant and inpatient elderly care
- Coatings industry
- Technical trade

Moreover Vincentz produces customer magazines and publishes hobby books for woodworking, metalworking and textile processing. realised the shop solution for Vincentz Network on basis of the ECMS eZ Publish. E-commerce modules developed by extend the functionality of the norwegian ECMS. By the use of the Web-Connector all data can be transfered between shop and the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics' NAV. Vincentz is using a tailored Navision solution for publishing companies that provides specialized functions.

A particular challenge was to map the special functions of the different product categories (product variety) managed in the ERP system such as books, subscriptions, standing orders, booking events, email newsletters or downloads onto the shop. Users can order in the shop anonymously and as registered users, too. The services of a payment provider had to be integrated for handling payment transactions.

The different shop areas have been set up in the administration section of the ECMS and form the main navigation structure of the shop. It is possible to add products to the shopping cart from all shop areas (elderly care, coatings, craft and hobby), from product lists and from product detail pages as well as from the search result list. In the shopping cart different taxe rates get displayed separately. Products can be added to the shopping cart directly from the single websites of the portal areas, too.

For events the shop considers the number of available seats. Moreover the list of participants is displayed in the shopping cart and during the ordering process. On booking events all categories of the respective journal are displayed. The price for an advertisement is calculated based on the chosen format (column x mm).

Registered users can edit their interest profile in the shop in order to receive personalized ads and recommendations. The shop provides an advanced search for different product categories (books, journals).